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Hi my name is Veronica Anna Nieuwendyk. Most of my family calls me Ronnie and I am 30 years old from Murray Harbor, Prince Edwards Island. My dad is Joe Nieuwendyk, General Manager of the Dallas Stars. I am currently dating Brad Richards since 2003. We are about to deal with the hardest times of our lives. Can we survive or not?

Set during the 2010-2011 Season


Veronica Anna Nieuwendyk

Nickname: Ronnie

Age: 30

Dating Brad Richards

She looks like this: sabrinabryan1

Bradley Glenn Richards

Nickname: Brad or Richie

Age: 30

Dating Ronnie Nieuwendyk

He looks like this: richards_interview2

Brenden Morrow

Nickname: Bren or B-Mo

Age: 31

Dating Alyssa Neal

He looks like this: morrowinterview5


Nickname: Aly

Age: 28

Dating Brenden Morrow

She looks like this: katevoegele

Elizabeth Matthews

Nickname: Liz

Age: 24

Dating Brandon Segal

She looks like this:kiera

Brandon Segal

Nickname: Segs

Dating Elizabeth Matthews

He looks like this: brandon

Adam Burish

Nickname: Bur

Age: 28

Dating Sarah Andrews

He looks like this:adam-burish

Sarah Andrews

No nickname

Age: 27

Dating Adam Burish

She looks like this:carrie

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